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      About Us

      Hubei Chushengwei Chemistry Co.,Ltd. is the central area dedicated to the fine chemical, biological products, high-tech enterprise integrated R & D, pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates in the production, the sale in a body. The company uses the efficient operation of modern management mode, set up the marketing system to the market as the center. Marketing center closely coordinate internal R & D, production, quality control and other departments, timely to provide a full range of products, convenient and perfect and technical services to customers at home and abroad.

      Chu enterprise chemical re quality, credibility, to the quality of survival, quality and development. Integrity management, customer satisfaction is our consistent goal; the pursuit of quality, to provide customers with high quality products is our bounden duty. Company will adhere to the "integrity-based, quality first, customer first" purpose, to high standards of quality, competitive price and perfect service to participate in international competition in the domestic market, sincerely look forward to working with friends from various sectors in close cooperation, join hands in creating a more brilliant tomorrow!

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      Fine Chemicals
      Construction additives
      Coating additives
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      Pharmaceutical raw
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